Welcome to Cloverleaf Farm

Cloverleaf Farm front garden and back of shop

Front Garden and Back of Shoppe

Cloverleaf Farm is an herbal apothecary and organic farm nestled in the scenic Lakes Regions in beautiful Effingham, NH.

For over 210 years our farm has graced the quaint neighborhood known locally as “Taylor City”. Taylor City comprises two states (New Hampshire and Maine), two counties (Carroll and York), and two towns (Effingham, and Parsonsfield).

Our main passion is our herbal apothecary where we create all natural organic herbal body care and medicinal herbal products for the whole family. A number of the herbs are grown right here on our farm.

The original homestead (left building in picture) dates back to about 1795. In this marvelous relic of a building, is the old kitchen with the original sink still in place. It is in here that the inspiration comes from for all the herbal apothecary products and it is also in here that we produce them. All our products are made in small batches to ensure our customers the highest quality medicinal value.

Our second passion is growing herbs along with heirloom vegetables and fruit. In season, we grow organic heirloom veggies, fruits, and of course, a number of herbs. We chose heirloom for their distinct flavor and characteristics and the ability to save seeds for next year. We encourage you to do the same. Check out our blog for a number of ideas from the farm.

Cloverleaf Farm has had a long and rich history, and we are proud to be a part of it.